Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pre-easter stress..

"Sigh" I haven't got any sleep and my body isn't reciprocating well. I'm going off to work in an hour. My thoughts are scattered and I'm havin' a really hard time focusing, I couldn't finish a sentence without pausing, even. All I can think about is when I'm done and finally a proper day's rest. It's hard and I'm not ever again volunteering to work on easter. Although I could really use the money, 'coz they pay well on holidays. It's 2:35am and soon I must get ready for work. If only time stands still, I wouldn't have to move a muscle. Oh well, just need to suck it up and get it over with "yawn".

Pic of the day: The Flight

- Francis -


  1. i love you...
    miss na kita..mwaaah..


  2. Wow! NIce pic! Mura man proff! Basi kinopya ra ni nimo ha? :-) Jeg syns du er flink. Fortsett med det. Gla i deg! mamsa!