Friday, March 27, 2009

weather wise..

Hi folks! Feels like it's been a decade since I've checked in. My day started to get so lousy when i woke up and found out the sky was gray and snow's blazin' over Lillehammer. If only there's a way to control things weather wise, this blizzard wouldn't have occurred. And just as I thought that things couldn't get any worse, I lose my keys outside in the snow on my way down to the dumpster to throw out some trash. And as I was about to reach the container, i stepped on a huge, slippery chunk of ice which was by the way covered with snow and slipped hurting my back in the process. We tried lookin' for 'em but it was hopeless with all the snow. A friend of mine came to visit & offered to help me look for 'em but we still came back empty handed. 'Nough said..

Later that evening I sold my wide-angle lens, to a white guy, about 40 years of age who also owns a DSLR same as mine. I was a bit sad letting go of it, but I couldn't really picture myself owning that type of lens. I'm planning to have a much better one, or a fisheye lens perhaps, someday..

Pic od the day: The Real Thing

- Francis -

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