Sunday, March 22, 2009

want to join flickr?

Hi! I know, I know it's late. It's about 1:42am and I still can't get myself to shut my eyes off. I'm considering knocking my head unconscious, soon hehe..

What's new? I'm currently creating a group on flickr, it's called "Filipino / Norwegian Community". Tried to make it much simpler, so I came up with this name for the group, and guess what I'm the only member =) so far.. So I'm encouraging all you photo lovers, image freaks, photoshop editing mongers outthere to come & join & spread the word, please!

If you have a passion in photography or even just a slightest bit of interest in pictures &/or picture taking, come and join our wholesome group, you might enjoy it and perhaps learn something from other members and from the thousands of photos itself uploaded everyday.

Sample pic: Norway Flag

Sample pic: Ski Sports Event

- Francis -

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