Monday, March 23, 2009

a sunny afternoon..

Spring's upon us peeps, n' i'm excited. New season, new look, n' time for flowers to bloom. I'm overwhelmed with anxiety thinking of all the macro shots I'm gonna take. Although, I don't really have a macro lens on my camera. I do have an all around which will do just fine, I hope. Anyway I'm hoping you guys had a very pleasant day. Mine went very well, I had a blast in town w/ L. Got a couple or three good shots on our way there, not great but accepatable.

Europris was our first stop. I love this little general merchandise, it's like shopping at Wall Mart. They got almost everything you need at a price you can't complain. Moving on, we decided to grab a bite at McDonalds. So we went and took a little detour to strandtorget on the way.

Finally, after a llooOhot of peeping and window shopping, we got to sit down at last and take a break 'n have a tastefull snack at McDonalds. The usual, cheeseburger n' fries, coke n' oreo mcflurry for desert, hmm.. yummy!

Pic of the day: City Hall

- Francis -

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