Friday, March 20, 2009

nEw cOmeR..

Hey peeps! How's it goin'? ..obliged to be here and share my thoughts, heck it's been a long time since iv'e poured out things from my shell.. Well let's just say it's about time, ey? Agreed? Ok.

First off, I'd like you to know me better by telling a lil' bit 'bout mah self. I'm a mentalist, not a superhero, 'coz thats just pointless or if I were, I wouldn't be here talkin' 'bout it 'n blowing my covah, hoooohooO!! I have hobbies like finding a really god spot at home to sit my ass off and spend the rest of my day "awandering" LOL! Don't "gaya" me, trust me you won't like it, frozen in time & got notin' else to do haha.. I don't think that's your "thÆng". However, before i start babbling ahead, let me tell you more 'bout me. I come from the Philippines, yes, right, I am a Filipino, a proud one, and I know most of you reading this are like me, brown basturds hehe.. jOke! Anywayz, I'm from a little city called dumaguete, the City of Gentle People, nyaks! I don't know how we got that reputation, but so far so good. My biological father's born and raised in Manila, so you could say I'm from there too. Either way, I really don't give a rat's a**!

My hobbies, yes.. I do a lot of site seeing and taking pictures of things that's intriguing, you know, pleasing to the eyes, pleasing to my eyes to be accurate. So if your into photography, be swell and share some tips/tricks or whatever you call it. Come visit this link and see my stuff, It's not much, but it's enough to fill a page if you know whatta mean jollybean hehe.. By the way, ignore my silly expressions, it's my way of fillin' blank spaces in my mind which i can assure you, I have lots of. And don't hesitate to leave comments, I'd appreciate it and thanks ahead.

Some sample pix and very recent:

- Francis -

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