Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm not gonna talk about my life if that's what y'all thinkin'.. hehe.. I'm currently watching this show right this very moment called "life" whilst I'm typing.. It's a bit dull on some level, although not all episodes. Anywayz, I don't really have anything special to share, except that, I went to town today w/ L and we had some waffles & brown cheeze. We walked around strandtorget and next, elkjøp, my store, my electronics, my world haha.. :D We didn't stay long. I just had to exchange my old blits for my camera wih another type, the first one wasn't that good enough and not that reliable in long term, technically speaking. After a little while, before we knew it, we we're back home at the apartment. Made some dinner and pretty much everything after that just seemed like a blur. I feel like listening to some music right now from the 90's.

Pic of the day: guitar

- Francis -

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