Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chillin for the week..

Hey you guys! What have you been up to lately? Me, not so much. ..been workin' the whole time last week and Tuesday this week. I got a break for the rest of the week so I'd be chillin' off. So hard to think of something else fun to do when you're this relax. Anywayz, I have plans this weekend with L. Her sister's celebrating her debut. There's so much to look forward to and some chores to finish as to which I do hope I could. There're some slideshows to finish etc. etc. and a lot of packing to do before the trip. I'll catch up with you folks when head back from Tønsberg.

Pic of the day: Gågata i Storgata

- Francis -

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pre-easter stress..

"Sigh" I haven't got any sleep and my body isn't reciprocating well. I'm going off to work in an hour. My thoughts are scattered and I'm havin' a really hard time focusing, I couldn't finish a sentence without pausing, even. All I can think about is when I'm done and finally a proper day's rest. It's hard and I'm not ever again volunteering to work on easter. Although I could really use the money, 'coz they pay well on holidays. It's 2:35am and soon I must get ready for work. If only time stands still, I wouldn't have to move a muscle. Oh well, just need to suck it up and get it over with "yawn".

Pic of the day: The Flight

- Francis -

Friday, March 27, 2009

weather wise..

Hi folks! Feels like it's been a decade since I've checked in. My day started to get so lousy when i woke up and found out the sky was gray and snow's blazin' over Lillehammer. If only there's a way to control things weather wise, this blizzard wouldn't have occurred. And just as I thought that things couldn't get any worse, I lose my keys outside in the snow on my way down to the dumpster to throw out some trash. And as I was about to reach the container, i stepped on a huge, slippery chunk of ice which was by the way covered with snow and slipped hurting my back in the process. We tried lookin' for 'em but it was hopeless with all the snow. A friend of mine came to visit & offered to help me look for 'em but we still came back empty handed. 'Nough said..

Later that evening I sold my wide-angle lens, to a white guy, about 40 years of age who also owns a DSLR same as mine. I was a bit sad letting go of it, but I couldn't really picture myself owning that type of lens. I'm planning to have a much better one, or a fisheye lens perhaps, someday..

Pic od the day: The Real Thing

- Francis -

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm not gonna talk about my life if that's what y'all thinkin'.. hehe.. I'm currently watching this show right this very moment called "life" whilst I'm typing.. It's a bit dull on some level, although not all episodes. Anywayz, I don't really have anything special to share, except that, I went to town today w/ L and we had some waffles & brown cheeze. We walked around strandtorget and next, elkjøp, my store, my electronics, my world haha.. :D We didn't stay long. I just had to exchange my old blits for my camera wih another type, the first one wasn't that good enough and not that reliable in long term, technically speaking. After a little while, before we knew it, we we're back home at the apartment. Made some dinner and pretty much everything after that just seemed like a blur. I feel like listening to some music right now from the 90's.

Pic of the day: guitar

- Francis -

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy go lucky..

Today, I got my new secondary, wide-angle lens to my camera at a price so low that I've been giggling inside my head all day. At first, I thougt there's something wrong with it so I sent an email to the clerk who sold me the lens and told him that I'm having trouble with focusing and he replied with a very generous offer & gave me an even lower price, long story short, I got the lens for lower than half of half the price. So I said to myself, what the heck right? But then I found out that the lens were just working perfectly fine all along so I couldn't be more happier.

Here's a sample pic taken with this lens: Dark Orange Highway

- Francis -

Monday, March 23, 2009

a sunny afternoon..

Spring's upon us peeps, n' i'm excited. New season, new look, n' time for flowers to bloom. I'm overwhelmed with anxiety thinking of all the macro shots I'm gonna take. Although, I don't really have a macro lens on my camera. I do have an all around which will do just fine, I hope. Anyway I'm hoping you guys had a very pleasant day. Mine went very well, I had a blast in town w/ L. Got a couple or three good shots on our way there, not great but accepatable.

Europris was our first stop. I love this little general merchandise, it's like shopping at Wall Mart. They got almost everything you need at a price you can't complain. Moving on, we decided to grab a bite at McDonalds. So we went and took a little detour to strandtorget on the way.

Finally, after a llooOhot of peeping and window shopping, we got to sit down at last and take a break 'n have a tastefull snack at McDonalds. The usual, cheeseburger n' fries, coke n' oreo mcflurry for desert, hmm.. yummy!

Pic of the day: City Hall

- Francis -

Sunday, March 22, 2009

want to join flickr?

Hi! I know, I know it's late. It's about 1:42am and I still can't get myself to shut my eyes off. I'm considering knocking my head unconscious, soon hehe..

What's new? I'm currently creating a group on flickr, it's called "Filipino / Norwegian Community". Tried to make it much simpler, so I came up with this name for the group, and guess what I'm the only member =) so far.. So I'm encouraging all you photo lovers, image freaks, photoshop editing mongers outthere to come & join & spread the word, please!

If you have a passion in photography or even just a slightest bit of interest in pictures &/or picture taking, come and join our wholesome group, you might enjoy it and perhaps learn something from other members and from the thousands of photos itself uploaded everyday.

Sample pic: Norway Flag

Sample pic: Ski Sports Event

- Francis -

a stroll in town..

Not to shabby going out for a stroll I must admit. It wasn't that chilly outside today so it was time well spent. We walked for about a half hour and stopped by an italian restaurant to grab a bite to eat. I had a burger and L a well made lasagne, it was very tasy. Once again, money well spent and it wasn't that expensive too. I took some pix today you guys, hope you come and see it & leave comments if you like, .

Pic of the day: Moonlight Intensity

- Francis -

wakey wakey.. sucky sucky..

I hate waking up in the morning, especially when I don't have to go to work.. Well I'm gonna have to rise up eventually anyway, so why waste time on the sack slacking. My typical daily "to dos",

* Put on my slippers
* Hit the bathroom
* Make Coffee
* Sit

Pretty exciting, "NOT!" I'm just gonna have to find something else to do. Maybe go out with L into town and find us a cozy place to sit, have a cup of warm cappuccino & latte and enjoy the sun while it last, like in a cafè of some sort.

- Francis -

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the arrival..

hey guys.. I'm finally home! hwew im almost fed up with the same routine over n over n over n hmmm.. over n over again.. tired as hell, I'm beginning to think I have nothing else to do but work all day and come home.. Aint life grand, right?

Despite of all these negativity, there're still some bright side into it but I'm not gonna bore you with all that.. Just the thought of coming home and knowing that someone's waiting for me makes my mind already at ease and just simply enough to complete my day.

News flash, I'm gonna try and update pix everyday so I could somehow in a way share something that I'm passionate about to you guys as well.

Pic of the day: ROAD SIGN

- Francis -

Here I Come..

*yawn* sweet mother, its really early.. but grrr.. gg...gtt..ggoo..gotta go to work.. Here I come.. i don't really have that much time on me, so i'll tell you all 'bout it when I get home, well that is if theres anything to tell hihi.. gtg!

- Francis -

Friday, March 20, 2009

nEw cOmeR..

Hey peeps! How's it goin'? ..obliged to be here and share my thoughts, heck it's been a long time since iv'e poured out things from my shell.. Well let's just say it's about time, ey? Agreed? Ok.

First off, I'd like you to know me better by telling a lil' bit 'bout mah self. I'm a mentalist, not a superhero, 'coz thats just pointless or if I were, I wouldn't be here talkin' 'bout it 'n blowing my covah, hoooohooO!! I have hobbies like finding a really god spot at home to sit my ass off and spend the rest of my day "awandering" LOL! Don't "gaya" me, trust me you won't like it, frozen in time & got notin' else to do haha.. I don't think that's your "thÆng". However, before i start babbling ahead, let me tell you more 'bout me. I come from the Philippines, yes, right, I am a Filipino, a proud one, and I know most of you reading this are like me, brown basturds hehe.. jOke! Anywayz, I'm from a little city called dumaguete, the City of Gentle People, nyaks! I don't know how we got that reputation, but so far so good. My biological father's born and raised in Manila, so you could say I'm from there too. Either way, I really don't give a rat's a**!

My hobbies, yes.. I do a lot of site seeing and taking pictures of things that's intriguing, you know, pleasing to the eyes, pleasing to my eyes to be accurate. So if your into photography, be swell and share some tips/tricks or whatever you call it. Come visit this link and see my stuff, It's not much, but it's enough to fill a page if you know whatta mean jollybean hehe.. By the way, ignore my silly expressions, it's my way of fillin' blank spaces in my mind which i can assure you, I have lots of. And don't hesitate to leave comments, I'd appreciate it and thanks ahead.

Some sample pix and very recent:

- Francis -